Android: how to view a list with all the apps you purchased

With My Paid Apps, it will give you all your software as well as other details and the value of these tools.

If you buy many apps with your Android device, you may end up getting lost in the middle of so many acquisitions. This situation is potentially bad, since there is a possibility you will get distracted and try to buy something repeatedly or you just get annoyed at not remember a game you’ve played or some resource that has already tested.

In order to solve this problem, there is one My Paid Apps application. It offers a simple interface and a process of quick work so you can check all your shopping without complication. Thus, just a touch to make it happen without checking app by app pages of Google Play.

As you may have guessed, it is necessary to download the My Paid Apps application. Simply click the download link below.


In addition, My Paid Apps also allows you to organize your shopping by name and by date – do this by opening the menu software, each unit has a process to make it happen. Thus, it becomes easier to search for the desired tool and check if you’ve got the fact.

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