7 Best Free Apps for Downloading Music on Android

With the advancement of mobile devices and programs developed for them, you can download music directly from the cell without the help of a computer. In some cases, smartphone is even easier than the traditional modes, since the visual applications for mobile gadgets is simplified to the maximum to provide a better user experience for this type of device.


Tiny Tunes

TinyTunes application is an option for you to search songs and download them to your Android device. The program brings you possibility to do research or to meet new sounds through reference lists, bringing some songs that are popular. To find content, just type the song name or author and wait for the results, which are loaded quickly. The program also lets you create a list of items to download, streamlining the procedure for those who want to save multiple tracks.



Ares Online – Free Music

Ares Online – Free Music is one of the options available to you to find your favorite songs in MP3 format and store them on your Android. Despite its name, the application does not have any relationship with Ares Galaxy, with a specific program to get tunes from various genres. The program has a very clean home screen, having focused on the operation offered, and advertising content not displayed. Basically, all you need to do is enter the name of the song or artist in the field available and waiting to load the results, which is pretty fast. Through the app you can only hear the music, save it to your Android and even add to the touch of the device. As a downside, sometimes the results gave error and the music could not be performed.



vMusic Pro

vMusic Pro is a slightly more complete application, bringing you the possibility to search for videos and music, download your favorite tracks and store them on your Android device. In addition, the program allows also find letters and accessing the Billboard charts. Regarding the music itself, it brings more than 15 million shares, of different styles and places of the world. vMusic Pro also lets you create a favorites list to organize content and easier access later. In addition, there is also a function of the playlist. However, although the program offers a number of features, they do not always worked, especially with regard to the loading of video. However, streaming and downloading of songs operated correctly in all attempts, at least during our tests.




Wdownloader is a simple application for those who want to download MP3 on your Android and does not mind optional or advanced settings. The program interface is very clean and has advertising material just at the top of the screen, causing it to not interfere with the use of the application. The main screen has basically with a field in which you must enter the song name or author and wait a while for the results to be uploaded. If you wish, you can simply select the song and press the “Play” to give a preview of the song. The program does not provide any sort of hidden option or additional settings, being a good alternative even for beginners.



Download MP3 Music

Download MP3 Music brings more of an alternative app to find MP3 files very simple and practical. It works like most programs available on Google Play, downloading songs of your choice directly to your library. The program interface is well organized, but in general is very simple and also lacks advanced alternatives to the procedures offered. The screen is divided into tabs according to the features offered. Searches are performed on “Search”, while “Player” allows you to listen to songs. In fact, application creates a playlist containing all the tracks automatically what you hear. Through the “Downloads” tab, you can manage your library. The program has only one drawback: when you are downloading a song, the interface it is “locked”, not being able to access the player or do other download.




MrtzcMP3 FREE offers another tool for you to search and download songs in MP3 format directly on your Android device interface. The main screen of the program brings only a search field where you must enter the artist or track to be located. The results are displayed as a list with the quality of the file in bits and you can hear a snippet of the song before downloading to see if it is as desired.  This program does not allow you to indicate the folder to which the files should be sent. During our tests, unable to find the MP3 player and it was not identified by other players. However, it is worth remembering that this is still a Beta version of the application and such problems are likely to be corrected.



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