6 Features Removed by Microsoft Windows 8.1

The first major update of Windows 8 has brought many innovations to consumers.  Some features that were previously present simply disappeared. It is unclear whether they will be abandoned completely or if the final version of Windows 8.1 they can give the guys again. Check out a selection of tools and features that simply no longer exist.


Windows 7 System Image Backup and Recovery

Windows 8 introduced a very efficient and simple tool called File History. It also includes backup tools in Windows 7, which could be used to create a system image. However, Microsoft felt that this tool was already obsolete and Windows 8.1, it was banned. However, this does not mean that you cannot import backup images created with Windows 7. They still can be used normally. What is not possible is to create a backup of Windows 7 or a system image. If you want to do this, you will need to use additional software.


Windows Experience Index

A classification widely used to indicate the potential of the machine in Windows 7 and Windows 8 was provided by the Windows Experience Index. The feature showed a rating ranging from 1 to 7.9 to the processor, RAM, graphics and hard drive. This functionality was removed from the System Information tab, but it was not totally excluded. You can still access it by running the command winsat from a command line. We can view such removal as good news, since the tool was updated frequently – consuming system resources to run benchmarks in the background.



This is another item that was not completely removed, but locating library items can become more complicated for many users. By default, the resource no longer appears in the File Explorer, and in its place will be a link for quick access to SkyDrive. In practice what has changed is that now the standard is to keep the libraries hidden. However you can still re-enable the appearance of the tool. To do this go to “View”, click on “Navigation” and then check the box “Show Libraries”.


Less options native integration with SkyDrive

Windows 8 included a deep integration with SkyDrive and, interestingly, some functions are limited with the arrival of Windows 8.1. From now on, you cannot choose the exact folder that will save a file on the cloud. The downloaded files must be opened to become available offline. Microsoft’s idea is to make the public use the SkyDrive app specific, managing through it all sync options. It is unclear whether the resources will be available in the final release of Windows 8.1.


Messenger and Facebook Chat

The Messaging app, part of the package communication applications Windows 8, there is also no more. In its place there is now the “Mail, Calendar and People.” Microsoft’s idea is to encourage more consumers to use Skype as a communication tool. However, the Modern Skype does not have support for conversations with people on Facebook.


No integration with SkyDrive photos

The Photos app Windows 8.1 brought a lot of buzz, with some basic editing tools image. However, unlike what happened in Windows 8, as of now you can only work with the photos that are stored on the PC and not with those who are saved in SkyDrive. According to Microsoft, Facebook was asked to include this tool on Modern Facebook app, like Yahoo! was invited to do the same with the Flickr app.

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