6 Applications for Windows 8 that will Help you Study Better


Microsoft announced on list with six applications for Windows 8 that can become great companions during the semester. Check out the selection below and select those that best suit your everyday life.


One Note

Ideal for those who wish to take notes during class, the One Note allows even add web content to their markings, as well as drawing and sketching your ideas. Also, your notes can be saved and synchronized in the cloud.


One Recorder

If taking notes is not quite your thing, how about recording everything that you think is important? For this, the suggestion from Microsoft is the One Recorder addition to saving your content, you can send files directly by email.


Good Plan

For those who wish to set up a calendar of activities, tests and papers to be delivered, the tip for Windows 8 is a Good Plan. The app lets you view reminders Live Tile on the Home screen of the operating system, which facilitates access to schedules.


Reading List for Windows

Keeping yourself well informed is crucial at any age. To extend their culture and keep an eye on everything that happens in the world, the suggestion from Microsoft is reading list app that lets you manage all in one video content you want to view later.


Calculator HD +

In some disciplines it is possible that you need a scientific calculator. A good choice is the Calculator + HD, with interactive display and chart plotter. The application can be fixed on the screen while you perform other activities in various programs.



Digital books are a reality among many consumers. One of the most downloaded apps in this category is the Amazon Kindle, which allows access to over a million ebooks on the Kindle store.

Do you have any other suggestions? Share your tips in the comments.

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