5 Best Free Image Editor for Android Smartphone & Tablet

I have collected top 5 best free image and photo editor for Android Smartphone & Tablet.


Snapseed is an image editor; this great android application has various filters for you to let your photos look more stylish, beautiful and professional looking. You will find options like “Straighten and rotate”, “Black and White”, “vintage movies”, “Drama”, “Grunge” and many others.

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Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is the powerful, practical and easy to use for Android apps. This app can edit pictures, add effects and various fixes – color, contrast, brightness, etc. are some of the main functions of Photoshop Express on any system that is installed. Photoshop Express for Android that allows the user to have an account on Photoshop.com service edit the photos on your Smartphone and upload them to the cloud storage feature of the online service from Adobe. Besides this option, you can send photos to Facebook and Twitter through Twitpic.

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PicSay – Photo Editor

The PicSay is a good option for those who want to edit images on the phone itself. Sure to be an efficient use, it is important that the device has a large screen, otherwise the issue can get complicated. But even being mobile, the application should not be underestimated. The filter options and editions are able to let your friends and family wondering how you got so well drawn effects in your photos. In addition, the app is fun to use and very easy. It will not take more than five minutes for the user to be completely adapted to its interface.

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Photo Editor

Photo Editor does not have a very attractive interface, but do not be fooled. The application has many options to make minor edits for color, contrast, brightness and picture framing. Everything is done in a simple, intuitive and real-time visualization. Unfortunately, the application does not have a button to make sharing on social networks, but you can save the file and send to Facebook and Twitter later. In addition, Photo Editor deserves credit for offering a wide variety of effects and borders to your picture.

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Image Editor

There are many image editors available for Android, especially those dedicated to adding special effects. However, few tools let you make deeper modifications, as well as the Image Editor. The application also has a function that allows you to add various effects such as traditional Grayscale, Sepia and Blur. Also, you can resize, cut & Crop, rotate and mirror (Flip) any figure. All the tools are arranged on the top screen. To give more options, simply slide your finger from right to left in the icon bar.

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