5 Best Free File Manager for Android Tablet & Smartphone

Here in this page we have collect top 5 best free File Manager for Android Tablet & Smartphone.

ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is a one of the most popular file manager for the android devices. It lets you enjoy your device with the Android operating system at its maximum capacity, and have full control over your files, applications and tasks. ASTRO File Manager is able to organize your files and manage them in a simplified interface. You can copy, delete, rename or move the file you want.

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ES File Explorer

This application allows files stored on the device, computers or a LAN with Bluetooth devices are managed in a most practical and efficient. With a cool look and customizable, ES File Explorer is quite unlike anything you have ever experienced in this segment of software. This program serves both the local repositories of the device and the folders on the SD memory card, partitions shared by LAN, FTP documents or sections of devices via Bluetooth technology.

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AntTek Explorer

AntTek Explorer (File Manager) is a complete file manager that allows you to view all of your gadget directories, work with files and even explore local network. When navigating inside your memory card, you can freely manipulate their data, eliminating the use of a computer to perform simple and advanced tasks. AntTek Explorer (File Manager) is a file manager that allows you to control absolutely everything you need without having to connect your device to a computer. That way, you can delete files, create directories, compress data and to explore local network.

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Blackmoon File Browser

If you’re looking for a simple file manager and intuitive, Blackmoon File Browser brings a robust set of tools able to satisfy the most advanced people. The ability to select multiple elements at the same time is one of the most interesting items of the app because you can remove, share or move a group of files at once without wasting time. The ZIP file support is also another important feature because you can compress or decompress any item without major drawbacks, leaving the gadget more independent from external computers.

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Ghost Commander File Manager

Ghost Commander File Manager is a file manager for Android which aims to provide a complete tool compatible with all popular media storage. This app is able to browse the memory card of your gadget in folders FTP and SFTP, shared directories on Windows Share, and also in the list of apps installed on the gadget.

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