5 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows

List of top 5 best free beat making software for Windows operating system.

Kristal Audio Engine

Kristal Audio Engine is one of the best beat making software, with the simple and easy to use interface. Along with beat making, you can mix many track, you can sequence audio and lot more features.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 7
Size: 3.5 MB
Download From Official Site!


Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio is a program for editing MIDI files packed with features. Through it you can record and compose music, print sheet music produced through MIDI files, creating music with instruments and play this format files on your computer. If you ever wanted to have your own recording studio or a musician and need to record and edit their compositions, then Anvil Studio can offer a great help. In addition to the MIDI files, the program supports the WAV format.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8
Size: 2.7 MB
Download From Official Site!


HammerHead Rhythm Studio

HammerHead Rhythm Studio creates rhythms and beats for your parties or just plays DJ with this free program. The program is quite simple and very easy to use. HammerHead Rhythm Studio has some effects that can be added, such as distortion and reverb. It really is very practical and useful for all those who love to create music and samples. The program already has several predefined sounds you can choose to use as a hit. In addition, It brings to six channels of mixing, i.e., you can create a track with up to six different beats.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 7
Size: 384 KB
Download From Official Site!


DJ Mix Lite

DJ Mix Lite is simple, but powerful tool to make a beat, music mix, and for DJ sound.  This application can be another excellent option for you to create great music, it has easy to use interface with the different built-in tools.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 7
Size: 540 KB
Download From Official Site!



TempoPerfect is a virtual metronome designed for student or musical interpretation. Many musicians use the metronome to maintain a standard in music, helping them to play at the correct time. Program is easy to use and has a nice interface. Configurations The TempoPerfect has extensive options adjustments ranging from the time (40 to 280 bpm) to measure the beats.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8
Size: 232 KB
Download From Official Site!


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