5 Best Free Battery Saver for Android Smartphone


List of 5 best free battery saver apps for the android phones and tablets.

Du Battery Saver

Du Battery Saver is a program that brings together several tools to increase battery life of your Android device. The software brings own alternatives and various system functions, all brought together so that the energy of your gadget last as long as possible. It presents real solutions that can indeed help you in the task of making the battery last longer. Taking advantage of various possibilities of Android, it works without even requiring privileged access granted to root.




JuiceDefender – Battery Saver is an application developed to save the battery of your Android device. It has multiple usage profiles to disable everything that can consume energy unnecessarily. Working especially with the internet settings (disabling applications that are not being used at the time), JuiceDefender – Battery Saver can be a great ally to not run out of battery.


Battery Drain Analyzer

Battery Drain Analyzer proved to be a very interesting solution for those who are having problems with the battery consumption of your gadget. Rather than show the percentage of remaining charge, this app allows you to monitor energy expenditure and manage the use of the device so that it remains more time unplugged. One of the main strengths of this program is its interface, which, although simple, is very well organized – bringing together on a single screen all the features offered and adopting very intuitive icons. This combination of features promotes a hassle-free interaction.


One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver is an app that will help you save battery life on your device, ensuring that it will work when you need it. Besides showing the estimated time before a recharge is needed, the software allows you to disable features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, adjust the screen brightness or switch airplane mode on your device. The program does a thorough analysis of its smartphone and tablet and shows clearly the health of your battery, voltage and temperature she has his operation, among others. In addition, the app displays the amount of time that your gadget can stay connected and playing music videos or when it enters sleep mode.



Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver an application that will manage the system from your smartphone so that the battery last long. It manages the processes on your smartphone so that the battery consumption is reduced. You do not need to have any work with Easy Battery Saver. Just open the “Optimization” tab and choose one of the five existing profiles in the app.



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