4 Best Free Software to Make Panoramic Photos

List of best and free software editor to create panoramic photos in your PC, you just need multiple images and add them into these software to create.

Image Composite Editor

Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an image editor that allows its users to create panoramic images from a set of several other pictures. The whole process is very simple because you only need to drag the program screen for the images to be read and aggregated by it.



PanoramaPlus is a free application that has a single function: to transform multiple images into one. If you like to create panoramic photos of places and landscapes, this is the program indicated. The application provides a tutorial for creating the images, but it is easy to use, with an intuitive interface and a few buttons to click. Click Add photos (add photos) to select the images and then Create panorama (Create panorama) for all of them togeth


Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery has intuitive interface, it makes easy to edit photos. It has feature to junction own photos and create panoramic, both automated tools; imports and exports photos to digital cameras and the major social networks; organization footnote, with facial recognition and Search photos by names of people, locations, classifications, selection, etc. Windows Photo Gallery is also able to create slide shows and screen savers with images available on PC. Just select the sequence of pictures to be used.



Creating a panoramic picture, You’ll be amazed at the ease to create a panoramic image through this program. First of all you need the photos that will make your panoramic image. To add them to the program you can use the button Select Images or simply drag the files to the middle of CleVR. As the program reads the information in each file, it is likely that it will automatically detect the correct sequence of images.


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