4 Best Free Piano Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablets

Best and free list of piano apps for android smartphones, learn to play piano demo listening and repeating the sequence of notes was presented.

android piano

Pianist HD

Pianist HD – Finger Tap Piano is a very interesting application that allows you to play some tunes through your Android smartphone or tablet. If you know absolutely nothing about how to play the piano, do not worry because the app teaches you. Through a list of known songs, as some compositions of Beethoven, Mozart and even a simple “Happy Birthday”, the program guides you in time to play. No error, just touching the keys indicated, you will have the chance to produce a beautiful sound without knowing absolutely nothing about musical notes. With a device with multi-touch technology, you can also produce full chords, not just single notes. Thus, the sound produced may be more complex than just notes isolated.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. After all, once you open the app, it already has the piano keys for you to start playing. The menus are also very objective, making it easy to navigate.

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Piano Melody Free

Piano Melody Free turns your Android into an almost perfect imitation of a piano, offering several songs for you to practice your musical skills with the fingers.

The application displays the notes to be played and you need to be careful to follow the music sequence exactly as in the statement. As your skill develops, the duration of the lessons begins to increase, leaving the increasingly difficult challenge.

The intensity with which you touch the screen of the device is performed by the Piano Melody, with the aim of replicating the sound at a higher or lower volume. You must follow exactly as was done in the example for the application to identify its musical sequence as correct.

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Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is an application that lets you play piano and rehearse the beautiful songs from your smartphone or tablet. You can have a full keyboard on your screen and resize it so the keys become more comfortable. You can record everything you touch or put the device in tracking mode, when you select a real music to accompany the notes.

Besides the piano, the tool allows to play percussion, organ, music box, Rhodes keyboard, and several others. Everything you need to play virtually any pace.

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Musical Lite

Musical Lite is a tool for enthusiasts who want to learn to play piano or the musicians who aspire to learn some new tricks. The application has metronome, pitch pipe and supports multi-touch.

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