3 Best Free Android Apps to Control your Computer

With remote control features, you can perform tasks remotely, controlling your computer or notebook. Application listed below helps you to control your computer simply through an Android handset. Accessing your computer or other people at a distance in real time was unimaginable not long ago. But once remote access has become increasingly functional, many new applications have emerged and some them are listed below.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

Right away you already see that the configuration of the TeamViewer client is not at all complicated. Everything is already done automatically, because the program gives you a connection key and password for the connection.

The Android app works perfectly. Just enter the username and password to that in a moment, a connection is made. The speed will depend strictly on your computer and connection, TeamViewer works as fluently. It offers everything you might need, such as mouse clicks and keyboard, which includes special keys. In summary, TeamViewer is great, easy to use and free (for non-commercial use). Therefore, it is a great option for remote access application.

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Through the synchronization between an Android device and your computer, smartphone or tablet turns into the remote control of your computer. As you might guess, that the QREMOTE Control work properly, you need to install the application on your smartphone and also on your computer.

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Unified Remote

Being able to control your computer remotely is something quite useful. In situations like this, the Unified Remote shows its usefulness. With it, you can use your Android device to connect to your computer remotely, controlling it as a substitute for the mouse and keyboard. To use this software, you must also possess the Unified Remote app on your Android version.

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